Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Motorcycle Day, and Northern Lights!

So last week, on my day off, I decided to rent a motorcycle and get a personalized view of the area. The company that rents the bikes is actually located inside a Gourmet Popcorn store. An odd combination, I know, but the guy that runs the place is incredibly nice, and very knowledgeable. All they offer, is Harleys. I KNOW! Awesome, right?!

So anyway, I rented a Harley Davidson Sportster 600 (SMOOTHE ride… so nice) and drove about 100 miles in a little over 4 1/2 hours. It was the most relaxed I’ve felt all summer. I took my camera, and took around 360 pictures. A lot of them are just so-so, but some turned out really great. So I’m posting a BUNCH of them here.

A few days later, I was having a bad time falling asleep, so I popped my head out the window, and saw something amazing. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Northern Lights! They were amazing! I had to play with the exposure for a while, but finally found something that worked. So here we go!

Also, at the top of the pile here, I’m scattering in a few older photos from my last trip to Fairbanks, as well as a bunch of shots of the moon –- there’s a LOT of the moon in these pics, but it just looks really good up here. Got some fun stuff.

I’m trying something different with the photos – using Windows Live Writer to upload so many of them. I’m hoping it all works with no major kinks. Again, I took a TON of photos, so get comfortable. You may be here awhile.

Hope you enjoyed it all -- I know I did!



  1. The photos are amazing! Someone must have a fabulous camera to capture the texture of the moon like that! Well done, my son!!!

  2. aww shucks. thanks momma. for the camera too. =)

  3. Beautiful photos! Looks amazing up there!